The North Carter Lake Water District delivers safe, quality water to about 145 homes and businesses in the Carter Lake area of Northern Colorado. We are dedicated to providing quality water as economically as possible while promoting water conservation throughout Northern Colorado.

Our water comes from Carter Lake, is treated at the Carter Lake Treatment Plant which is located below Dam #1 at the south end of the lake. From there it is pumped to our treated water storage reservoir located on the ridge above the NE corner of Carter Lake. It is then gravity fed throughout most of the system, and to two pumping stations on the west side of the reservoir to accommodate residences at higher elevations.

Our water must meet all Federal, State and Local Standards and must comply with EPA Regulations and the Safe Water Drinking Act. We have always met and exceeded those standards, and continue to do so.

The District is governed by a 5-member elected Board of Directors. The Board sets policy and sees that those policies are carried out. There is one part-time employee of the District, that being Gary Allen who manages and maintains the District’s facilities. He is also the appointed Secretary of the Board of Directors and handles all day-to-day operations of the District as well as compliance of all governmental requirements of a water district.

If you have questions about any aspect of the District, need information about the District, your account, specifications, or any other matter, please contact Gary Allen at the office (970-776-8218) or by email at  gary@nclwd.org  .

Other official documents regarding the District can be found by visiting the Department of Local Governments. —  https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/dola/division-local-government


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the North Carter Lake Water District, Larimer County, Colorado, that at the close of business on the sixty-third day before the election, there were not more candidates for director than offices to be filled, including candidates filing affidavits of intent to be write-in candidates; therefore, the election to be held on May 8,2018 is hereby canceled pursuant to section 1-5-208(1.5), C.R.S

The following candidates are hereby declared elected:

Kathy Townsley – 4 Year Term until May, 2022

Norman Smith – 4 Year Term until May, 2022

Barry Gustafson – 4 Year Term until May, 2022

Gary Allen – Designated Election Official

Dated: March 6, 2018




Public notice is hereby given that on December 12, 2017 at 5:00 p.m., at the Conference Room of the Carter Lake Filter Plant, 6981 West CO RD 8E, Berthoud, Colorado, the Board of Directors of the North Carter Lake Water District will discuss and take action on the amendment by the District of the following sections of the District’s current Rules and Regulations resulting in a rate change.

Effective January 1, 2018, the District’s Rules and Regulation shall be revised as summarized below.

SECTION 15 – 1506 – (rates have not been increased since 2006)

REQUIREMENT FOR FUTURE WATER RATE REVIEWS.  The District Board will conduct a water rate review at least every two years with the first such review commencing in 1998.  The purpose of this review is to ensure that water revenues received are adequate to cover planned expenditures and to ensure that the rates are being applied fairly and equally to all classes of customers within the District.

Proposed rate increase to standard residential water usage and billing fees:

Current water rates for standard residential tap – 2017:

$90.00/quarter and 30,000 gallons per quarter.  Any use over 30,000 gallons is billed at $3.00/1000 gallons.

Proposed water rates for standard residential tap – 2018:

$120.00/quarter and 30,000 gallons per quarter.  Any use over 30,000 gallons is billed at $3.00/1000 gallons

SECTION 15 – 1507

REQUIREMENT FOR TAP FEE REVIEWS.  The District Board will conduct tap fee reviews as deemed necessary; however, a formal review will be conducted at least every five years and the results of the review will be documented in the official minutes for the District.

Current tap fee requirement – 2017:

$15,000.00 and 1.5 units of CBT

Proposed tap fee requirement – 2018

$14,000.00 and 1.5 units of CBT

A copy of the Rules and Regulations and proposed changes are on file and open for inspection by contacting the General Manager – Gary Allen.  gary@nclwd.org

Dated: November 12, 2017.